From the very beginning of PROCOLD, we have been manufacturing heat transfer fluids for industrial and household purposes (cooling, air conditioning, heating systems, heat pumps, solar collectors and others). Our products are perfect for applications where protection against freezing, corrosion and deposit formation is required. Natural curiosity for new things and continuous research and development allow us to provide innovative, high-quality products.

Why should you use our fluids?

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Prolonged lifetime

The production of fluids is based on the technology of organic additives with a prolonged lifetime. Thanks to this solution, our Business Partners may enjoy an extended warranty on our products.

Quick contact

We know that prolonged waiting time to receive an offer or an answer to a question regarding the products may be frustrating.

Quality assurance

For the production of our products we use raw materials, which come directly from the manufacturers. We reject raw materials coming from regeneration or recycling processes.


Knowledge and skills are the greatest value of the company. We contact the contractors with specialists of certain solutions

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Services for our Business Partners

In addition to fluids production, we also provide services for our customers.

Technical support

We have detailed physical and chemical data of fluids based on propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, potassium formate. In order to compare the cost-effectiveness of a given medium, we can make it available on request.

Disposal of glycol, potassium formate

Empty IBCs are available free of charge (excluding freight charges) on request. After filling the used brine, we collect the IBCs. Depending on the type and condition of the liquid, it will be recycled or disposed of in accordance with law.

Laboratory tests

For our Business Partners we provide laboratory service for glycol-based fluids, potassium formate and technological water.

Renting pumps

On request, we offer renting pumps necessary for pumping thermal fluids into the installation.

Pumping fluids into the installation

We also provide fluid pumping services directly into all types of installations.